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I have now had to end the regular 6pm Monday class - the Friday morning class is still running as normal - please contact me if you have any questions

Is yoga something you are considering for the first time, or, have you been practising for years? At Kite Dearg Yoga we believe that yoga is for everyone regardless of age or previous experience - yoga that's inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Modern life can be pretty hectic and stressful, so the Kite Dearg Yoga approach is to focus on improving lives through health and wellbeing. Yoga is a great and potentially life-changing way for us to care of ourselves and have a positive impact on those around us too. It is a holistic approach to our own wellness that can help us to live the best quality of life.

Classes include a variety of approaches that can challenge as well as help you to relax, but all of them have a meditative heart. Above all, sessions are designed around the particular needs of those attending.

If you are totally new to yoga and would like some 1-1 support to help with confidence or a particular health issue before joining a class this can also be arranged.

Classes can usually be dropped into and paid for on a class by class basis - however, buying a block of 6 classes means you always get one free and the classes can then be used when you are available so you will never lose one if you have to miss a week. Visit the ‘pay for classes’ page to book your block of 6 and get your free class!

Yoga really is for every body!

Why not contact Kite Dearg Yoga and travel your yoga journey with us in Inverness? We'd love you to come along and practice with us in one of our small groups.

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